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YouTube Kids Channels for Gamers

Engaging how-to channels for fearless virtual world builders and digital explorers.

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The gaming world can be tricky to navigate, but these creator channels break it all down into some of the best how-to's out there. Kids can learn new ways to build unique and interesting virtual worlds, tag-team a challenge by grabbing a family member for mini-games, or just sit back and enjoy watching the experts at play. Ready, player one? Let's go!

These creator channels, available in the separate YouTube Kids app, were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical and chosen for their ability to promote fun, easy-to-follow gaming videos with tons of learning potential.

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MGC Let's Play (age 5–7)

Learn how to play Minecraft and Roblox with these story-based tutorials. Hosts Eep and Mary explore both of these game worlds, encouraging creative building and cooperative play. Always kid-friendly, the hosts embark on story-driven adventures leading to exploration of zoos, farms, castles, and more. Kids will be inspired to build their own creative worlds, too.

Hudson's Playground Gaming (age 5–10)

Tractors, monster trucks, boats, helicopters—you name it, Hudson's Playground Gaming has it. Join Hudson and his dad for some family-friendly gaming as they explore, build, and get creative in titles including Farming Simulator 19, Farming Simulator 22, and Minecraft.

MarMar Land (age 5–10)

Welcome to MarMar Land, where host Marlin (MarMar) teaches early learning concepts and lessons through play. Young gamers will find plenty of Roblox, as well as everything from kid-friendly challenges and DIY activities to music and learning. So open up the magic door and get ready to explore MarMar Land!

StacyPlays (age 5–10)

Kids who love Minecraft and dogs will be overjoyed by Stacy's Minecraft video series, Dogcraft, where the goal is to explore a dog-themed world and rescue pooches along the way. Each video is full of tricks and tidbits for fun and creative Minecraft experiences.

Stampy Longhead (age 5–10)

Stampy Longhead brings the good vibes to gaming with his pleasant yet energetic Let's Play videos. While Stampy plays mostly Minecraft, he also dabbles in other crowd favorites like Animal Crossing, Super Mario, and Pokémon. Whether he's playing mini-games or touring his island, Stampy keeps it positive and engaging from start to finish.

BBlocks (age 8–10)

Did somebody say "Minecraft hacks"? From general redstone build hacks to ideas for houses, castles, and cities, BBlocks has you covered. These simple tutorials feature on-screen English text to provide clear instructions that let the whole family watch, play, and—most importantly—learn all the tips and tricks for this popular game.

EthanGamer (age 8–10)

EthanGamer has been playing video games like Roblox, Minecraft, the Lego Movie Videogame, and many more on YouTube for more than nine years—and as he's grown, so have his gaming skills. But Ethan knows gaming is about more than just winning: He's motivated to have fun and hopes everyone else will, too.

Evbo (age 8–10)

Follow the adventurous Evbo through tons of Minecraft worlds and challenges. His witty and animated narration will make viewers laugh as they explore new, imaginative worlds. Learn tips and tricks, and watch a pro at play doing impressive and unusual playthroughs.

Games for Kids Hub (age 8–10)

Join the Art for Kids Hub family as they dive into Minecraft, having family-friendly adventures where cooperation is the key for creative fun. Kids will enjoy the positive interactions, imaginative worlds, and cooperative problem-solving, and parents and caregivers will like the opportunities to work together on delightful mini-missions.

Lex Play (age 8–10)

Let's play ... or do you mean Lex Play? Join Gen-Z gamer Lex as she does speed builds, terraforming tutorials, villager hunts, and island tours in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Hoping to inspire others to join in the play, Lex always keeps it positive as she gets creative and explores different islands.

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